Preliminary and Detailed Design of the main quay and the service jetty of the Saipem Logistic Base in Guarujà, in the Port of Santos (Brazil)

Port of Santos, San Paolo (Brazil)
Preliminary and Detailed design, assistance in the contracting phase
Saipem S.p.a.
2011 - 2013

Project summary

The new port structure has an extension of approx. 337m, with 80m long wingwalls on each side, and it is designed to support the loads from 400ton cranes, tower cranes, 600ton multiwheelers and other point and distributed loads.

The closed quay is retained by a steel combi-wall tilted 15° towards the sea, consisting of combination of Ø1219mm diameter piles and AZ19 sheet piles. The design dredging level is -12.50mDHN, with the quay platform level is +2.90mDHN.Due to the complex geotechnical context (presence of a 30m thick layer of normally consolidated clay), it was not possible to use passive anchors, while other types of anchoring (tie roads) would have induced too high deformations of the quaywall. Therefore, the concrete deck contributes to the structural performance of the combi-wall through a rigid joint connection.

The deck is supported, in addition to the combi-wall itself, by seven rows of piles with 914mm diameter (slanted piles next to the quay front and 813mm diameter (vertical piles). The thickness of the deck rages from 1.2m to 3.4m.

The sides next to the wingwalls include 2 concrete decks supported by five alignments of 813mm diameter piles. The angle between the main quay and the wingwalls is composed by HZ sheet piles with varying inclination.

ENSER has also provided the following consultancy:

  • Geotechnical studies concerning the stabilization measures of the subsoil in order to provide the necessary resistance to the design loads during construction stages: storage areas, assembly areas, circulation areas, operating areas (industrial warehouses), with several bearing capacity and settlement calculations;
  • Technical assistance to the Client in the initial procurement and contracting phase.

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